Biography onepack

Onepack, better known as Gilles De Bruyne, was born on the second of June, 1993. He grew up near Ghent, but spent a lot of time with his grandparents near the Belgian coast. At the age of 7, Gilles attended some music classes, but it wasn't really his cup of tea, so after a couple of boring Saturdays, he quit. He loved music, but not the sort of music everyone enjoys.

At the age of 9, a new chapter began for Onepack, who's father had been a DJ as well. Gilles discovered his dad's old turntables and crates full of vinyl records. He started experimenting and his father taught him the basics. After a couple of months, Gilles started enjoying playing records and mixing songs, but this was only the beginning.

By the time he reached the age of 11, Gilles' library consisted of vinyl record and two big crates of CD's. His father bought Onepack a JB-systems DJ-mixer and CD-player. Gilles' elementary school had an annual meeting for the parents to enjoy some wine and cheese. The kids were left in the dark that night, so the school principal of the school asked me if I could play some tunes for the kids, together with my dad. We did not hesitate and my father taught me to read a song's build-up and anticipate so I could mix another song at the right time. Gilles had a smooth set and vinyl became his first love.

When Gilles became 12 years old, the principal asked if he could DJ again on cheese and wine night. By that time Gilles was getting better so he didn't need that much help from his dad, and the night was his. Because the kids wanted popular music, he could only use CD's. After that night the vinyl was put to rest, and after some birthday parties his DJ-career too.

At the age of 15, Gilles had to redo his 3rd grade, and that's when he met Simon De Cock. They were both passionate about music, and soon they knew what was going to happen. As they were very good friends, they always ate lunch together, and then something happened. The head of the school asked us if we were interested in playing some music at a little party to thank volunteers who helped on an event, organized by the school. We directly said we would do it, because he still had that DJ equipment from when he was younger, and Simon had recently bought a USB player by JB-systems. That day Freaquency was born.

Freaquency started to play at several birthday parties and soon all of their friends supported them. The first big event was "VuiffuiV", a big party organized by pupils of their secondary school. Gilles knew quite a lot of people, and after a year of practicing, they stood in a real club for the first time. They got booked by the committee of "Bal der Bals 2011", and they did the warming up in the main room of Kokorico.

After another year of ups and downs, they both went their own way on the 24th of December. Simon wanted to continue his career by the name of Freaquency, so Gilles had to start all over again. He did not panic and restarted his career as Onepack, the name we all know today. Three days into his second career, his first booking was already a big one, playing at the K27 on New Years Eve, all night long! He enjoyed it, but most importantly, the audience enjoyed it as well! After some busy months filled with birthday parties and some rather small gigs, he was booked at "Isle of Rhythm" to be the second headliner of that night. Onepack blew the roof off, and DJ Redking continued on the same level. That's a night he won't forget. One week after "Isle of Rhythm", Gilles played in Kokorico again, now to end the party in the main room, together with DJ Antoine and X-tof playing before him.

By the time he became 18, everything was good. He was booked to play on a surf trip to Berria, Spain. But first, Gilles and some friends founded a new concept, to host clubs. At the end of May, "Generation X" was born. They got support from Les Mecs Eclectics and they were booked at "Gentse Feesten" at Tijuana Ghent. That sure was a big party, and their impression left some marks.

On the 10th of August, Onepack left Belgium behind for ten days, because he departed to Berria with Board X ! He had the time of his life and played at two clubs in Spain. On the last day, three girls who he will not name, offered to take a picture with no clothes on except a bikini bottom and two stickers on their melons. The picture travelled around on Facebook and brought him a huge promotional victory. The picture reached more than 170.000 people's live feed and was liked more than 500 times within only four days.

By that time he became a resident DJ at Le Bleu, together with Les Mecs, Housekeepin', Axxis and Bigbass! In October, he played at Culture Club in the second room, that in his own words, looked more like a box of sardines. He played an energetic set of R&B and Moombahton, but added some kick ass trap tracks as well.